A Handy Field Guide For Submitting To Sharia Law

The power of this signaling cannot be underestimated, although virtually no one in America’s political and media elite seems to understand it. When killers say, “Those who defy our sacred laws must die!” and the response is, “Killing is wrong, but we agree that defying their sacred laws is also wrong, and we’re prepared to hold the blasphemers at least partially responsible for the violence,” what message do you think “moderates” are getting? Let me give you a hint: they don’t hear a single damned word of the self-righteous jibber-jabber about how the highest, purest liberal values of tolerance lead the elite curiously to agree with violently intolerant fanatics.

Every point made above is explicitly stated in communication between terrorists and their supporters, in public speeches, sermons delivered by radical imams, and Internet forums. Unfortunately, our cultural elite pretends they can’t hear any of that over the sound of Pamela Geller giving an award to a cartoonist.

  • It’s surrender. To the vilest most evil cult known to man.

  • Xavier

    Just wait until the Moslems come for their beloved non-cis. Then they’re really gonna have some cognitive dissonance.

  • Imagine if every time an anti-Semite insulted Jews or Judaism or Israel a couple of fanatics went out armed and tried to kill the anti-Semite. Would the media mavens of CNN, BBC, etc. react in the same way, regarding the attackers as provoked and therefore justified in their murderous rage? How come Jews do not try to kill anti-Semites, whereas Muslims consider it their right to kill Islamophobes? Is that not indicative of a particularly violent culture in Islam – i.e. indicative of Islam being a criminal doctrine that incites to murder?

  • Gary

    Liberal are exposing their inner soft bigotry of Lowered Expectations for muslims and Brown people that we must tolerate for their barbarism and quruanic misogyny because they aren’t fully human yet and need about 800 more years to reach our old 17th Century values.
    Lets not be so tough on muslims , they can’t help it but resort to killing people and terrorism that sanctioned in the quran and many OIC islamic nations. So what is the slaughter a few thousand queer’s , they deserved it from incited the muslims that were offended by the insult to islam. So what if a few BROWN uneducated temptresses get stoned of flogged , they deserved it for insulting islam.
    So what if one day the real racism in islam rears its ugly face in North America and they star to lynch Blacks or drag them behind a motor cycle like hamas does to apostates. Obama grand kids will just have to accept that grand pa was wiser then them and knows that islam is a religion of peace even if a few bad apples rape us and drag grand ma behind a pick-up truck .
    Hey, Blacks offend the saudi Arab sunni’s just as they offended Che Guevera for his view that they were lazy ” N’s ” and burder on society and unproductive.

    Come on folks, embrace islam and sharia law , the islamists will kill off all the minorities groups first that hate you anyway and do the world a favour and rid it of the malcontent perverts, drug addicts and pedophiles.
    Look at the bright side that the muslims will be so worn out that will have no more fighting spirit and a Scout Troop to to wipe them off the planet.