The Europol “less than 2% of terror attacks are religiously motivated” surfaces again: ‘Myths about Terrorism and Islam in Western Europe’

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, Islamist terrorism has remained in the focus of daily politics in Germany.

Government, police and secrete services regularly warn about the possibility of a terrorist attack. According to a study of the Bertelsmann Foundation, 57 per cent of the German population regard Islam as a threat. For instance, the reactionary right-wing movement Pegida obtained significant support during the last year with a campaign against Islam…

…In the online newspaper The Daily Beast, Dean Obeidallah refers todata published by the European police organization Europol. In its report for 2013, Europol recorded 152 terrorist attacks in Europe. Only two of these incidents were conducted by perpetrators who appeared to be “religiously motivated”.

If you look at data fromEuropol surveying the last five years, a similar picture emerges: during this period, less than 2 per cent of all terrorist incidents in Europe were “religiously motivated”. Beenish Ahmed similarly evaluated the Europol data. In an article for the US think TankThink Progress she argued that “Islamist militants lag far behind other groups when it comes to carrying out terrorist attacks” in Europe.

According to the data by Europol, the large majority of terrorist incidents can be related to ethnic-nationalist and separatist groups, such as the separatist FLNC in Corsica, the GPRF in Greece or the FAI in Italy. Obeidallah of the Daily Beast thus asks the following questions: “Have you heard of these incidents? Probably not. But if Muslims had committed them do you think you our media would’ve covered it? No need to answer, that’s a rhetorical question”…

I have not heard of much of non-Muslim terror attacks at all since 9/11 and I’ve been following the news fairly carefully. They do exist, but they are sure not 98%.  

Europol is simply being politically correct. And highly misleading.

  • I went through an earlier report, if this one is like the last there is a lot of data omitted.

    Do you have a link to this article?

    • Frau Katze

      Whoops. I fixed it, added the link.

  • Except for all the acts that were committed in the name of Islam.

    I think Europol neglected to mention that.

  • kkruger71

    These are the same type of people that claimed both the attacks in Canada that had soldiers killed were lone wolf, not terrorism, and metal disorder rather than muslim attacks. When they can deny those were islamic terrorism, it’s easy to see how they could fudge up these kinds of numbers.
    Would not be surprised if they find even one visit to a shrink or anti-depressant prescription in the past of either of the Texas shooters they will never refer to that as a terrorist attack again either, not that they are leading with that fact anyway.

  • no4

    There is still plenty of action in Northern Ireland, which hardly ever gets much attention in the media.
    In the last week:-
    There was a bomb outside an army barracks in Londonderry.
    An IRA commander had his brains blown out on a busy street at 9am.
    McGuiness had his house paint bombed.
    Adams had a bomb hoax.
    A couple of Sinn Fein councillors had their cars torched.

    • no4

      In the last month:-
      A roadside bomb left for a police patrol.
      A pipe bomb thrown at a house.
      A bomb at a probation office.
      A bomb thrown at Police in North Belfast.
      A petrol bombing of a house.
      Shots fired into houses.

  • Xavier

    Obviously they transposed the numbers.