Texas Attack: Muslim Activists Consider New Ways Of Countering Islamophobia, Promote Own ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest

Muslim American activists say they are more determined than ever to take on anti-Islamic bigotry in the aftermath of Sunday’s violence at a Draw Muhammad contest in Garland, Texas, that left a security guard injured and two armed attackers dead. While the overwhelming response by leaders in the community has been strong condemnation of the violence, some activists have also argued the incident highlights the importance of finding creative ways to counter growing Islamophobia in the U.S., which they say has helped to fuel such violence.

The violence at the event is representative of a “vicious cycle” of bigotry, said Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, the founder and editor-in-chief of Muslimgirl.net, a site dedicated to millennial Muslim women that has launched its own countercampaign to the Draw Muhammad contest. “That’s the most visible thing that we can take away from the incident,” she said. “It’s clear that when we react to bigotry with even more hatred, it just fuels this vicious cycle where we see hatred repeated over and over again. That’s why we really have to change our approach on these topics”…

  • mobuyus

    Why don’t these fuckers have their own draw mohammad contests and leave ours alone.

  • Clausewitz

    I think their reaction was pretty clear. I’m thinking they helped Pam Geller prove her point in spades.

  • pdxnag

    Her first target must be one of the OIC member countries. She will of course seek to repeal the immutable Islamic command that apostates must be put to death. She will then be rewarded with death, by pious Muslims that take offense to her efforts.

    Alternatively, terrified at such a prospect she will just rant at harmless non-Muslims with incessant ad hominem attacks.

  • Gary

    Jews offend Muslims , so will muslims want Jews banned from the USA????

    • mobuyus

      muslims must not eat food that the infidels shadow has fallen on. When even your shadow offends them what’s next with these jerks. I ‘m ready. Though I wish I didn’t have to be.

  • Brett_McS

    So is drawing Mo bigotry or not? I’m confused.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘ “It’s clear that when we react to bigotry with even more hatred, it just fuels this vicious cycle where we see hatred repeated over and over again.”‘

    Yeah, I’ll be honest, Muslim violence in response to any Mo-toons makes me want to draw Mo-toons.

    And when Muslims play the victim following terror attacks by fellow Muslims it makes me want to draw a Mo-toon.
    Mo-toons can be therapeutic in that regard.

    • Mohammad is already depicted in mosques and other Islamic texts. One wonders why it was ever a big issue.

  • El Martyachi

    … started out as a drawing contest, ended with a few rounds of Texas Holed ‘Em.

  • Minicapt