Prison Dawah: The Latest Triumph For Official Multiculturalism & Canada’s Immigration Policy

Mohammed Shafia became a jailhouse religious tyrant after killing three daughters and wife: psychologist

Kingston Penitentiary was already a very scary place the day Mohammad Shafia walked into the joint.

The Montrealer was convicted for the 2009 murders of his three daughters and first wife in a barbaric “honour killing” in which the women were incapacitated and dumped into the Rideau Canal near Kingston. In Shafia’s twisted interpretation of Islam, his daughters were too Western, had brought shame upon the family and therefore had to die.

It wasn’t long before he unleashed another reign of religious terror at the notorious slammer, a jailhouse insider revealed Monday.


Be sure to thank your MP and Citizenship & Immigration Canada for the fabulous job they’ve done importing people who want to kill you.

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