Pig farm plan to push away Muslim immigrants

Plans for a new immigration centre in Gullberg have already been strongly opposed by local residents and on Wednesday it was reported that a group of campaigners had sent a letter to the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) pledging to breed pigs nearby in order to deter Muslims from seeking asylum in the town.

The note, signed by what described itself as the “interest group for Gullberg’s survival” said that it was trying to create a “probably impossible situation for some religious people, especially Muslims”, according to Sveriges Radio.

Local politician Henry Sandahl from Sweden’s Countryside Party (Markbygdspartiet) told the broadcaster that he agreed with the sentiment of the letter.

“You know that Muslims are not friends with pigs,” he said…

Nice idea.

  • Ken

    It’s nice to see that not all Swedes are suicidal.

    • Jan Morrissy

      As it is here, it’s the liberal governments opening the floodgates to this untenable amount of immigrants. Pigs are a great idea. Dogs too; trained to attack bubbleheads in nightshirts.

  • LauraS

    I wonder if we could start building pig farms in Oakville…

    • Claim it as a religious right!

      • LauraS

        Well, there is that whole “church of bacon”…

    • Cheryl

      It is too bad that the people of Ontario and Canada are not as smart as the people in Sweden. Maybe then Canada would not be in the shape we are in now. Muslims coming here wanting to bring their beliefs and garbage here from the violent country they left and Canadians sure do not need any of that. Like I say what the hell is the matter with Canadians?

  • They really should allow urban farming.

    • David Murrell

      Yes, but piggeries are Islamophobic!

    • Jan Morrissy

      There’s always the Vietnamese Potbellies…. I’m seriously considering one here!

  • David Murrell

    Many have read about some country folk complaining about large pig farms in their area, and the rather noticeable aroma they emanate. So now we have a good rationale supporting those piggeries out there: the stench they emit could drive out Muslims.

    Which leads one to think about bringing a large truck into urban areas, full of the porkers…

  • tom_billesley

    Remember Craig Baker of Katy, Texas, whose new neighbours wanted to build a mosque and decided his pig farm had to go?

  • lolwut?
  • Pig counter-jihad. Those noble animals deserve our respect.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They’ll probably pass some national law and call out the cops to ban the husbandry of all swinish beasts.

    • J. C.

      That’ll put a dent in feminists’ sex lives, HAHAHA!!!