Pamela Geller talks to Ezra Levant about #GarlandShooting and more

I spoke to Pamela Geller shortly after she was named in an ISIS death threat. “They called me ‘pig,'” she told me, “using the same word Mohammed used for Jews before he killed them.”

  • k1992

    It was encouraging to hear her speak of the tens of thousands of letters she has received that supported not just her, but free speech. I hope that “average” people in Canada, Australia and the West in general feel similarly.
    It also raises a question. If there is such a profound divide between at least a large minority of the citizenry (if not a majority) and the media, the government, academia … will something have to give, and perhaps give violently?

    • The political and chattering classes and academia are grifters, the rank and file get it, will it lead to civil war?

      The Muslim population in Europe and how they are inevitably handled may tell the tale. The 3 groups above will be lumped into the same boat.

  • mobuyus

    Look at that beautiful Pamela Gellar any man that will not stand with her is a goat reaming terrorist homosexual.

  • Gary

    According to the islamic groups and Imams for Pam causing this , means that the 3 Muslims shot in Chapel Hill by Mr.Hicks had Provoked him to kill them.
    Gays offend islam, so will we see them being tossed of building in Texas by pro-sharia muslims.

  • passerby1969

    PG is a very gutsy lady. She is also extremely eloquent and sharp in her interviews.