Pamela Geller attacked by terrorists — then the media

First Pamela Geller was attacked by terrorists for holding a free speech event. Then she was attacked by the media for the same reason.

  • Martin B

    The more the Muzz terrorize & murder, the more the media will do to help them get whatever they want.

  • Speaksvolumes

    You know what though? She has more than held her own in every interview I’ve seen her give in the last couple of days. In fact she’s done better; she’s schooled and shamed the interviewers who have attempted to take her down.

    Who really cares though? We all know the MSM is bullshit anyways. Anyone stupid enough to still be watching CNN or FOX or God forbid, CBC, is a dinosaur. Those people are sheeple. Let it burn.

    • Exactly. She has been teaching them a thing or two. And I also do not watch the MSM – they long ago lost my respect and my time.

    • Gary

      The CBC was a target by the Toronto-18 Muslim terrorists , so it makes sense for why they face mekkah 5 times a day and covered for the Muslim misogynist racist Jian who beat up and assaulted White non-muslims women……but don’t expect Barbara Hall or Naomi Klein to speak up because they are in good with the CBC and anti-Israel Islamists like the hamas linked CAIR when Sheema khan was their rep on the CBC.

      If the CBC wants to support terrorism and killing jews by-proxy for their condoning of those graoups, let them do it on their dime and cut off ALL tax dollar because it makes us complicit. .

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The One America News Network’s Rick Amato has interviewed her numerous times and in every case treated her as the expert on radical Islam she is. That is one reason I watch OANN over the others. (Most cable and subscription systems do not yet carry it.)

  • BillyHW

    So what happened to all the Charlie Hebdos?

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    No doubt the media is ‘victim shaming’ Pamela Geller.

    That being the term they use for anyone who would question someone making a rape accusation.

  • Gary

    The Media fears terrorism if they don’t support the myth that islam=Peace.
    Pretty sad that the Police Media and Politicians now see Muslims as so prone to riots and terrorism that they want to appease muslims in hope that they DON’T riot and go jihad more than what they do now.
    Islam is not in Canada to be equal to other faiths , it is here to dominate as we see with the somali’s that want to live by sharia law on Canadian soil and have some of their mosques pumping out terrorists while many somali women are STILL on welfare since coming here in the 1990’s as ” Refugees” .
    islam will ruin the West and make Canada just one more islamic hell-hole with sanction child-bride pedophilia as we see in Iran, gaza, and saudi arabia.

    Terrorism works, so islamists don’t have to.

    • moraywatson

      “Terrorism works, so islamists don’t have to.”
      That has been the central tenet of islam for 14 centuries.

  • bob e

    even after 9/11 & everything in between .. just astounding. looks exactly
    like msm in europe .. it’s everywhere in the western world .. bow to sharia.
    and “radical islam” is different than islam .. we are in for it ..

  • roccolore

    Liberal fascists only prove Geller correct.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Please understand that I am not wishing aloud here. However, given the inevitability of further terrorist attacks in Canada, it would be awfully ironic if a terrorist attack targeted the CBC HQ and major satellite offices with a biological agent, resulting in cross-Canada CBC lockdowns, quarantines of the facilities, medical emergency workers, etc.

    The CBC’s final broadcasts might well be to document the networks final moments on the planet. The “talking head” might be the guy who operates the corridor floor-washing machine. Who knows?

  • neo

    kevlar just jumped up above “search engine optimization” on every conservative blogger’s wishlist.

  • Mo86

    Just another day in her world!

    She’s got more patience with these media types than I do, that’s for sure.