Pakistan op-ed: Forced to sell alcohol: Why is the ‘ummah’ silent over the plight of Chinese Muslims?

Imagine if you are a vegetarian Hindu and hold the cow sacred, that beef is shoved into your mouth. Imagine if you are a staunch Christian, that you are forbidden to baptise your newborn baby.

Painful? Yes.

Some of us may even say what’s new in this, and Pakistan’s minorities have suffered this and more. And they have. And no minority anywhere in the world should have to go through this.

But there is a huge difference in this and what is happening to the Muslims in Xinjiang province in China. In Pakistan, this is done at the hands of extremists. But in China, it is at an official level that Muslims are forbidden from practicing Islam. The last year or more has seen repeated incidents of Muslims, a religious minority in China, being coerced into going against their religious beliefs. That too under state patronage.

To remind ourselves, the People’s Republic of China, Pakistan’s bestie, is where media is still state-owned. Instead of monitoring media, they control it!…

China retains the Communist suspicion of all religion: it is an alternate source of power and that bothers totalitarians.

They don’t treat any religious group well. Tibetan Buddhists are harassed mercilessly — considered separatists.

Christians are viewed suspiciously. They refuse to accept clerics appointed by the Vatican: an outside power.

But Muslims, some of whom are violent, can expect a full-fledged Tibetan-style treatment.  And Pakisan will keep quiet.  It is more fun to riot over cartoons.