OMG! Someone made an opium joke at a gala with a China theme!

A ‘racist’ costume: it looks like a Dragon Lady, says the article.

We expected cultural appropriation would be a risk at this year’s Met Gala. The very theme seemed to presuppose it: China: Through the Looking Glass, a fete intended to celebrate the beauty of the great Eastern nation, extol its vast accomplishments and analyze the country’s great cultural strides in the past few decades.

We were rooting for Anna Wintour’s annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum to stray far past those traps onto noble pastures. The event does do much good for the institution; last year alone, it drew in an impressive $12 million.

But who were we trying to kid? This was designed for the Hollywood and fashion crowds, two of the most entitled industries full of individuals who feel immune to mere human limitations.

There was little to no excuse for the active and passive racism rampant on the red carpet last night…

If China doesn’t like it, they can take their marbles and go home.