NYT sounds like a propaganda outlet: Rants about Europe’s ‘migrants’ – even their commenters disagree: ‘Open up, Europe! Let the Migrants in’

Migrants sit in Italian navy ship Vega during a rescue operation off the coast of Sicily, in this handout picture courtesy of the Italian Marina Militare (Marine Military) released on May 4, 2015. REUTERS/Marina Militare

Letting in millions more migrants makes good economic sense.

LONDON — THOUSANDS of people drown trying to reach Europe — an estimated 1,250 did so in April alone. By denying desperate people the opportunity to cross borders legally, European governments are driving them to risk death.

What if Europe — or the United States — took a different approach: allow people to come and go freely?

Defenders of the “Fortress Europe” policy are adamant: If Europe abandoned immigration controls, it would be swamped with foreigners and our economies and societies would collapse. It’s a deep-rooted fear, as if immigrants were the barbarians at the gates…

…The biggest benefit of all, of course, is that the Mediterranean Sea would no longer be a watery grave. And people much poorer than ourselves could enjoy a bigger leap in living standards than any foreign aid would achieve. Europe should have the courage to open up.

It’s scarcely worth quoting more. He talks about Eastern European immigrants and Russian Jews in Israel — completely different scenarios than Muslims and sub-Saharan Africans.

Then he attempts to say that most of them don’t stay, using the example of the US. Really? Enough stay to become a serious problem and that’s more than enough.

There’s the rehashing of arguments about Europe’s birth rate — great, let’s replace them with Africans.

I won’t even mention the throwaway about the wonders of “diversity.”

But the biggest surprise is the comments from their liberal readership. This one has over 200 recommends. All the top-rated comments are critical:

No it does not! I’m sorry but Europe can not absorb so many immigrants who need special services, benefits, and other expensive accommodations. And how, my friend, does Europe separate the immigrants from those who are moving to bring jihad to European shores.

There seems to be a belief that Western countries have no right to maintain their borders or their cultural integrity or their economies for their own citizens. Of course, that does not mean that immigrants should never be welcomed but as with everything in life there must be a rational and controlled system.

Such a system would limit the benefits available to immigrants as well as limiting the flow. It would also require that immigrants speak the language of the host country. The idea that European countries should be forced change in order to accommodate immigrants rather than the other way around is simply wrong.

No country is obligated to destroy itself to help others.

Additionally, encouraging people to leave their countries rather than stay and insist on change that will make their countries livable doesn’t solve the problems that cased the immigration in the first place.