Netherlands: Muslim terrorists complaining of “humiliating” strip searches

A number of suspected jihadists are turning to the court to complain about the “humiliating situations” in which they must undress and lift their genitals to be searched each time they have contact with the outside world. The suspects want a milder regime, or at least one that is personally tailored to them.

This was confirmed by lawyer André Seebregts, RTL reports. Seegbregts is the lawyer of Azzedine C., alias Abou Moussa, who is suspected of recruiting for the jihad and sedition, and two other suspected jihadists. They are imprisoned in the terrorist department in Vught.

  • winniec

    There needs to be a way to deport all jihadists, but no country would want them.

    • tom_billesley


  • WalterBannon

    How about we give Muslim Terrorists something more substantial to Complain about, how about “Humiliating” Summary executions

  • Clink9

    Thanks to muslims we all get to see 85 year old white guys getting full body scans and having to take off their belts and shoes at airports.

  • Mo86

    Ever notice how these protesting Muslims all look so enraged? They don’t just hold signs, shout slogans and march around like other types of protesters do.

    It’s not just a serious look or a thoughtful look. It’s bald-faced RAGE – the sort of thing where if you came across someone with that kind of expression on their face, you’d steer clear of them because you’d be afraid of what they might do!

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Let me fix that headline for you.
    And it’s not news.
    And it’s not news.