NDP Candidate Bill Sundhu tells mosque attendees Conservatives are ‘fear-mongering’

TRU_speaker_iman_mayzhal_VERT_RGB_-copyImam Mazhar Mahmood moved to the Kamloops Ayesha Mosque in Knutsford earlier this year. Born and raised in Toronto, he oversees a community of about 60 Muslim families and as many as 400 students attending Thompson Rivers University.

Bill Sundhu, the NDP candidate for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo, told a group of Muslims gathered at the Knutsford mosque on Friday that the Conservative party is “fear-mongering and running on coded language” as it moved to pass Bill C-51 before the October federal election

Sundhu also accused the federal Liberals, who are supporting the bill in its principle, of turning their backs on the Constitution brought in by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s father, former Grit prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

Sundhu spoke in the the mosque to an all-male group of about 60 congregants gathered to hear Sundhu before a regular prayer. A handful of women were gathered upstairs, where the speech was heard via microphone.

“Human rights don’t belong to a government,” Sundhu said. “They don’t belong to a king and queen. They belong to people.”

Sundhu took speciality training in the area of human-rights law. He said Western governments’ targeting of minorities and Muslims, in particular, can be seen in everyday occurrences: being stopped at the airport based on skin colour, for example…