Bangladesh uses ‘sacred Arabic’ to stop peeing in public

For years authorities in Bangladesh have battled to stop men urinating in public, with signs in the local Bengali language failing to halt the seemingly endless number of offenders.

But the Bangladesh religious affairs ministry’s recent decision to erect new signs in Arabic has had a marked effect, despite most Bangladeshis being unable to read the language.

For most in the mainly-Muslim country, Arabic is sacred because it is the language their holy book, the Koran, was revealed in.

“This campaign has received a great positive response so far,” Anwar Hossain, a ministry spokesman, told AFP. “Bangladeshi people respect Arabic and we’ve just utilised that.”

A two-minute video against public urination that promotes the new Arabic signs has gone viral in Bangladesh since it was uploaded onto social media earlier this week…

…The campaign however has sparked a strong rebuke from influential cleric Fariduddin Masud, who said it tarnished the prestige of the Arabic language.

“Nobody has the right to use the language of the Koran for such a campaign,” the cleric said, according to online newsportal…

  • First of all, any public excretions should not be permitted at all.

    Secondly, this is Arab imperialism. What makes Arabic better than Bengali or English?

  • k1962

    Arabic sounds like a very ugly language to me.

    • Minicapt

      This does give Arabic a useful purpose in daily life.


      • eMan14

        Target practice.

  • Brett_McS

    It’s a Camel Pee Only zone.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Two points.

    1) NYC’s Mao Tse Blasio announced he wants to do AWAY with public urination laws. So yaaaay us.

    2) Most Pakistanis are barely functional in their own language, almost no one knows Arabic.