At Greek port, migrants dream and despair in abandoned factories

An abandoned hearse parked in the destroyed John Phil carpet factory in the village of Stavroupoli. The company was named after its owner, Ioannis Phillipides. Alexandroupoli, Greece, February 2011. Source.

May 6 (Reuters) – Rapper Mahdi Babika Mohamed’s journey to a better life in Europe started in his native Sudan and passed through Libya and Turkey before abruptly ending in a squalid abandoned factory at Greece’s western port of Patras.

There, the 37-year-old is one of hundreds of migrants making desperate attempts to board ferries to Italy by hanging on to the underside of cargo trucks – usually unsuccesfully.

“We come from a country in war to another war here in Patras,” said Mohamed. “Every day I try to get on the ferry and it’s dangerous hiding under the trucks, I could die any minute.”

Patras is no longer on the frontline of Greece’s migrant crisis as it was six years ago when authorities shut down a makeshift camp in the port where hundreds of migrants had lived in squalid conditions.

Focus has since shifted to the thousands of Syrian and other migrants now breaking through Greece’s eastern sea border, but the refugee problem in Patras is far from over.

Today, about 100 Afghan, Iranian and Sudanese migrants live in two deserted textile and wood factories opposite the main ferry terminal, living off food scraps and without electricity. Some arrived recently, others have lived there for as long as two years…

And there is no shortage of abandoned factories in Greece. See the article in the link given for the photo: In Ruins, The Fall of Greek Industry.  There are several photos. 

I could not care less about some Muslim rapper either. He can go home if he doesn’t like it. This is more MSM propaganda to make us accept a huge influx of highly incompatible “migrants.”