Tourist attacked by ladyboy in Thailand

Wichai Sripalang has been charged for attacking an Irish tourist. Source:Pattaya News Archive.

An Irish tourist has been attacked by a lady boy in Thailand after declining an offer for sexual services.

Michael Merry,55,was approached by the transgender woman when he was walking down a street in Pattaya around 3am on Sunday.

The Irish Mirror reports that local police spokesman Piyapong Ensan said that the attacker had been identified as transgender person, Wichai Sripalang. Prior to the attack, the 24-year-old had suggested that Mr Merry might like to have some fun…

  • no46

    You havn’t lived unless you have taken a stroll along Walking Street in Pattaya at 2am. You need a stick to beat off the ladyboys.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Lemme guess…..the Irish tourist’s real name was Phil McCrackin? har har!

    • no4

      No, it was Gerald Fitzpatrick, he was there with his friend Patrick Fitzgerald.

  • If he was attacked by a Toronto tranny, he would’ve been dead by now. Thai trannies look too small.

  • lolwut?

    The sad thing is, a lot of Thailands ladyboys are in better shape and more feminine then a lot of north American women these days.