The Truth About Baltimore

The real victim in Baltimore is not Freddie Gray, a repeat loser who eventually died as he had lived, being arrested by the police. The real victims are not the thugs smashing and looting stores. It isn’t the young black men disproportionately stopped by the racist majority black police force in Baltimore under a racist black police commissioner for doing nothing wrong except the usual drug and weapons charges.

It’s not even the “majority of law-abiding Baltimore families” referenced by politicians.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’re told by the democrats to envisage a world where women run things, make the decisions, control the families, run the schools.

    Well that’s what all inner cities are like. After all by their own words there’s a whole population of men gone missing.

  • jayme

    What the thugs did was wrong but my real issue now is black people who are well off hold high jobs saying we should forgive the kids they had no choice.

  • andycanuck

    The city’s also had tens of billions of tax money poured into it and I just read this morning 20% of the jobs in the cities are tax-paid. (I assume this also means overwhelmingly black-held.)

  • Glenfilthie

    Well all I gotta say to black thugs is this: if your lives matter…then don’t throw chit at the police and comply with lawful commands.
    The way I see it the cops are being scapegoated and sacrificed to a mob that would be better dealt with using attack dogs, billy clubs and rubber bullets. I am sick to death of African Americans and their BS.