How to Radicalize an Entire London Borough

In February, three London schoolgirls flew to Istanbul, from where they travelled by road to Syria to join the Islamic State. British police have confirmed that at least 700 Britons have now joined the terrorist group as fighters. Over the past year alone, 22 British women, most under the age of 20, are believed to have travelled to Syria to become “jihadi brides.”

These three London schoolgirls, who lived in the borough of Tower Hamlets, were not the first from there to travel to Syria. They were not even the first Islamic State recruits from their school — nor, it seems, will they be the last.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    You can bet that the “British” women who joined ISIS are not named Alice, Joan or Margaret.

    • tom_billesley

      Just a few decades ago, three girls from that part of London would more likely have been named Leah, Rachel and Sarah.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Anyone who hopped on a plane to go 5000 miles somewhere in order to either become a mass murderer or the sex toy of mass murderers is not a school girl.

  • no4

    Candidates for young mayor of Tower Hamlets.