Denmark: One in three immigrant boys failing basic graduation exams

Immigrants in Copenhagen. Source: Strict Immigration Laws ‘Save Denmark Billions’ (2011)

A third of immigrant boys are failing the basic 9th grade exit exam, according to analysis by workers’ group Arbejdernes Erhvervsråd (AE).

“Something is clearly wrong if only two out of three immigrant boys are passing this exam,” AE’s chief analyst Mie Dalskov Pihl told DR Nyheder.

Pihl said that the kids’ performance was affected by a combination of their cultural and social backgrounds.

“They often have poorly-educated parents or parents who are out of work along with some cultural barriers,” said Pihl. “If you arrive in the country with a language other than Danish, it can be difficult to pass Danish and mathematics in the 9th grade.”

Jacob Nielsen Arendt, an analyst at national research institute Kora, told DR Nyheder that the failure rate is bad for society as a whole.

“When you fail public school it becomes harder to receive further education and, ultimately, a job.”

“This is not only bad for the young people who do not reach their full potential, but for society as a whole”…

I bet most of the immigrants are either from Muslim countries or sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Martin B

    Someone at the Danish Ministry of Immigration must have thought there was a shortage of criminal parasites on welfare in Denmark, and set out to rectify the problem.

  • WalterBannon

    The problem is solved by deporting all muslims

  • AmicusC

    reason 8,576,952 why inbreeding is illegal.

    • winniec

      Inbreeding is legal everywhere but in China.

      • AmicusC

        might want to recheck your criminal code there chief.

        • simus1

          Probably meant (South) Korea which is the polar opposite of most muslim incestuous shit holes.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If a student wants to learn, he will learn. If he doesn’t, he won’t. My father was born only months after his parents immigrated and grew up in a slum. He put himself through school, and passed the CPA exam and obtained his professional license at an age when most students these days are reveling in spring break.

    • Exactly.

      Life is often difficult for many immigrants but they still make things work. Using immigration as an excuse is poor at best.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Denmark has the highest labor costs in the entire EU – approaching $46/hr on average. I’m sure there’s enough there for the people who work to tax them a bit more to pay for all that failure. I’m sure it’s fine, don’t be racist and allahu akbar.

    • winniec

      And take it like a man as the supremacist misogynists take over.

  • winniec

    Cousin marriage over 50 generations results in low intelligence and severe disabilities as well as genetic illnesses.
    Such immigrants are a net burden and socially inassimilable. A criminal, seditious subclass results.

  • Rosenmops

    Every time a Dane with an IQ of 120 dies they are replaced by two Muzlums each with an IQ of 60.

    • k1992

      Ha! Good point. So finally a justification for our insane and traitorous immigration policy: IQ is cumulative, so our society is actually getting smarter with the addition of all these useless (but fecund) thousands from Somalia, Pakistan, and the rest of the world’s finest nations. Good to know.

    • Frau Katze

      How does Islam lower IQ? It seems to. I have a theory that when Islam was introduced to new places, it appealed to stupid people.

      Look at some of the winners we’ve seen converting in Canada.

      There’s some evidence to support it. Parsis, who rejected Islam, and moved to India have been very successful.

      Christians in Egypt used to be disproportionally well educated and wealthy. Nasser confiscated a lot, but one of the richest men in Egypt is a Christian.

      Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world was born in Mexico to Maronite (Lebanese) Christian parents.

      • Cousin marriage. You can get away with it once. Not more than that.

      • Rosenmops

        That makes sense. The smarter people left Islam or died trying. Plus the inbreeding doesn’t help.

  • Justin St.Denis

    It doesn’t take much intelligence to become a Certified Savage in the ME, while it does require some intelligence to become a Certifiably Civilized Citizen of the West.

  • Ron MacDonald


  • Allan

    There’s a solution to that you dumb f*cks!! Quit importing them. Dumbasses.

  • So what efforts are being made to ensure these boys succeed?