Dallas Morning News Column Condemning Pam Geller Uses Pic Of Muslims Praising Martyrdom Of #Garlandshooting Terrorist

The Dallas Morning News has published the following column by Wardah Khalid: Pamela Geller and company went looking for trouble. It is needless to say highly critical of Ms. Geller, referring to her as an Islamophobe etc… etc etc. You know the drill.

And what better way to condemn Ms. Geller as an Islamophobe than to praise one her would be killers as a Martyr for Islam.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the far banner in the pic used to illustrate Islam’s deeply offended sentiments praises dead Muslim terrorist Nadir Soofi one of the Garland shooters, for embracing martyrdom in order to curb blasphemy.

Click the screenshot below for an expanded version.

Dallas morning news praises Garland shooting Terrorist