Cherson & Molschky: Muslim Immigrants: Their Number Is Not Sufficient

The wreckage of a commuter train sits at the Madrid station of Atocha after bombs exploded during the 2004 terrorist attack. (Photo Source: Sergio Barrenechea/Corbis)

On April 29 and 30, residents of the European capitals and big cities began receiving messages from their friends and family, asking them not to use underground trains on May 1. The reason was a story which, varying slightly in the details depending on the country where it was told, can be summed up as follows:

Some woman, walking in the street, saw that from the pocket of a man who walked some meters before her fell a wallet. Being an honest person, the woman called him, explained the situation and gave him the wallet.

The man, who turned out to be a Muslim immigrant (his nationality varies from “Moroccan” in Spain and Portugal to “Maghrebi” in France and “Pakistani” in Great Britain) was greatly appreciative because he had money, documents and credit cards in that wallet, and then said something to the effect of: “You are a good woman, you’ve helped me. Now, I want to help you. Don’t use underground trains on May 1; better use a bus. And in general try to avoid places where there is a big concentration of people on that day”…

  • Millie_Woods

    Urban legend. I’ve heard a few versions of this story.

    That’s not to say that muslim terrorists aren’t planning on blowing up a mass transit vehicle. They just wouldn’t tell you if they were.

  • Gary

    I remember the CBC interview with Paul Martin ( ex PM) and he told them that in 2004 after the terrorism in Spain that he chose not to reveal that Terrorism threat by muslims to bomb the TTC subways system . Martin said that it would have caused undue panic when CSIS didn’t have the terrorism plot confirmed.
    The dolt from the CBC just went on to the next topic as if it was just fine that immigrants and the poor would have been slaughter for Martin’s Liberal values.
    I rarely take the Subway in Toronto because i don’t trust our leaders or the security forces because the hamas linked CAIR-Canada has it’s foot in almost every Police force and National Security Dept. to control what they think by the Label of islamophobe if anyone links muslim terrorist to islam or muslims.