Australian ISIS supporter tweeted about attacking anti-Islam event in Texas JUST DAYS before gunmen launched failed assault… and issued threats against a controversial Queensland cartoonist

The Guardian article is here.

An Australian Twitter user and supporter of the Islamic State who urged an attack on a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas has issued a threat against a Queensland-based cartoonist.

The Melbourne man, known only as ‘Australi Witness‘, last week shared a map of a Garland community centre just days before two gunmen attacked the venue and were shot dead by police.

Australi Witness also supported calls for ‘brothers in Texas’ to go there ‘with your weapons, bombs or with knifes’, News Corp reported.

He also posted addresses of synagogues in Australia and the location of Anzac Day services…

The cartoonist is Larry Pickering and you can read his posts and see his cartoons here.

He is also on Facebook: here and here (much to the disgust of his enemies).

This is the cartoon the Islamoloon is raving about: