UN guilt and Hamas war crimes

Even the UN has now admitted that its buildings and schools were used by Hamas to fire rockets at Israeli civilians during last year’s Gaza operation. But the mainstream media and many UN institutions like UNRWA still play a very dishonest game against Israel, and in favour of terrorists

On April 27, 2015, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon transmitted to the U.N. Security Council his public summary of a 207-page report, which apparently is not to be made public, of the Board of Inquiry regarding the incidents in Gaza between July 8 and August 24, 2014.

This was the second U.N. report to be issued about incidents involving U.N. premises, personnel, and operations during the course of conflicts in Gaza.

Indeed, it is essential that there be a clear and objective record of the facts of these incidents and identification of how and why casualties occurred, and what persons or entities committed war crimes.