‘Two camps in the world’: Anjem Choudary goes on anti-freedom of speech rant after Garland attack

Radical London cleric Anjem Choudary has made it clear that he has grievances with the United States, the Garland shooting last night gave Choudary another opportunity to point out that freedom of speech is one of those things:

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  • no4

    How this guy is still wasting oxygen is beyond me

    • no4

      PS This is Anjem before he turned to the dark side.

    • Gary

      Andy would have been dead back then during this picture if the Alpha islamist pro-sharia version of him existed then to kill him as a favour to allah.
      The thing about trying to purify the Earth for allah is that Andy might only be at the 70% level , so once all the people up to the 69% level are killed off ….. he will be next as the bar gets set for the 80% pure and true follower of islam.
      ISIS would slit his throat as an apostate and living about the jews in the UK.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    There are two camps in this world.
    Inbred first cousin fuckers and the rest of us.

  • Ed

    he is England’s zit. A tiny puss filled blemish on the skin. But what do we think of the body on whom this zit appears… That it cant summon the will to bring two fingernails together?

  • Gary

    Andy is just another one of those sick islamists that want sharia law so that child-bride pedophilia will be sanction to emulate his prophet of peace.