The Daily Mail blacks out cartoon of Muhammad while reporting on Texas attack

On Sunday, two heavily armed police officers can be seen securing art work following the shooting. The art competition, which was awarding $10,000 to the best caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, had been condemned by critics…

The Daily Mail has a lot of photos and it’s not far left but it is still not classically liberal.

Consider the title of another piece of The Mail’s reporting: Extreme ‘free speech’ group refused to cancel provocative ‘Muhammad Art Exhibit’ despite protests – and told the world they ‘know the risks’

And there’s this: ‘This is a war’: The woman behind anti-Islamic Muhammad cartoon contest and her long history of hatred

I’ve notice their coverage of Israel is pretty negative too.

As for the MSM, I certainly wouldn’t expect the New York Times to show the picture either.

h/t Creeping Sharia

  • Dana Garcia
  • Rosenmops

    The Daily Mail seems to be changing.

  • Xavier

    There was no good reason for the Daily Wail to use the photo that they did; if a picture is worth a thousand words, this one says, “Dear Moslems, please don’t kill us too”.

    • Clausewitz

      It just goes to show how much they’ve become a collection of scared little pussies with no concept of journalistic integrity.

  • Linda1000

    I’m surprised the DM covered this as a news story since Geller and Spencer were banned from entering the UK.

  • no4

    You really should not take the Daily Mail seriously.
    They print second rate journalism with the hope of getting OAP Tories to jump aboard the outrage bus.
    They are a tory paper, and try to portray UKIP and the EDL as fascists from the far right, so obviously Geller and Spencer get to be hate preachers too, even though most of their readers probably support them.
    Look down the right hand column on their website and you see most of their stories are about what colour pants some actress is wearing.
    An old friend of mine used to be the editors chauffer, and his opinion was that he was a complete twat.

    • Minicapt

      It provides improved coverage compared to “Le Journal de Manhattan”.


  • chuck_2012

    if muslims cannot handle a little criticism then they need to leave this country. they need to learn how to relax and adapt to the reality here and islam is not reality. the government should ship the malcontents back to camel fornication land.

  • Jade

    Hey Daily mail. I guess you don’t understand the 4th amendment. The 4th amendment is to protect freedom of speech not for speech that is just popular but for speech that may be considered extreme. DUH