Stopping people of no identity becoming radical whatevers

A press release from the Andrews Government:

The Andrews Labor Government has allocated $25 million over four years to develop a whole of community approach to enhance social cohesion and community resilience to counter all forms of violent extremism.

“All forms of violent extremism”? How many exactly do we face?

Only one comes to mind, but this press release dare not speak its name…

  • Morticiaa

    Hey this is my pledge
    I hate their fucked up religion
    And as long as I live I’ll never respect
    Or be tolerant of their cult
    I will continue to wear my tshirts
    With mo ham ad cartoons no matter
    How ugly and unfashionable they are,
    And as I do I hope they offend as many
    Of these pig fuck extremists as possible
    So far it proves to be the case as I have been
    Targeted 3 times by burka bitches once
    A cup of coffee thrown at me,
    But I am getting smarter, taking
    My video cam with me at ready
    And carrying a heavy object in my Bag
    To defend myself against attacks
    All the Canadian news is the same garbage
    Just sharia compliant. Anyone who speaks
    Out about Islam is a provacatuer
    The big story. Is not how islam and sharia
    Is fucked up, but rather Provacation….WTF

    • I remember you mentioning the coffee-throwing incident before. Did you press charges? I’m normally of the opinion that the police should be avoided as much as possible, but I would have made an exception there.

      • Morticiaa

        I tried but the cops couldn’t get an id from the camera although I had a witness, we couldn’t get an identity in order to charge.. I am still on the lookout for these bitches.
        An Islamic woman at the ymca, a very nice one in fact, working at the desk did the usual rage thing over my tshirt which I have worn for months but she finally saw it the day she was right at the carded entrance
        Then proceeded to go mental. I ignored her and did my workout but later was called by the location manager to come in to discuss the incident, basically making
        G me out to be the bad kid on the block. I contacted the head honchos who actually we’re not much brighter, they investigated, although initially asked me not to wear it for a few weeks and I refused to comply….eventually they talked to this Islamic head covered employee, and wrote me s letter…inferring me to b a racist
        I was also kicked out of my Safeway last week because one of the burka bitches with a kid and carriage in tow took offence at my tshirt when I passed by, she told the a manger of the store she was calling the police and likely lied to him, I was on my way out when he accusingly accosted me finger pointing. A rude fuck. I just wrote a complaint letter to customer service so we will see how they dewl with that
        I was in a hurry that day otherwise I would have stayed for a confrontation, and I wish that bitch would have called the cops…not that they would even bother to come for such a bogus complaint
        But the manager is an idiot and needs to be trained properly I how to deal with these crackpot extremistsm

  • Alain

    How to piss away $25 million of tax payers’ money is exactly all this is. Social cohesion only exists where the majority of people share the same culture, values, history and traditions. Balkanisation makes any social cohesion impossible.