Rabbi in Paris warns Jews its time to leave

Shortly after the attacks in Paris against Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher grocer, this French rabbi made a passionate video about the facts of life for Jews in Europe.

h/t Vlad

  • tom_billesley

    If not Israel, it may be safer in Paris, Texas.

  • David Murrell

    I have a good acquaintanceship with a Holocaust survivor, Israel Unger, here in Fredericton, NB. He survived in Poland, as a child with his family, during the German occupation, by living behind a false while, while being supported by non-Jews in the country village.

    Over coffee a few years ago he emphasized to me that Jews should never emigrant, or run away from, anti-Semitism in their home countries. I tried debating this point with Israel, but deferred to his wisdom, given his past. He says that be running away, Jews are granting their tormentors victory.

    • Mohamsandwich

      Mr. Unger makes a good point, and his wisdom certainly deserves to be listened to and considered. However, for Jews in modern Islamizing and Islamized France, to be openly Jewish on the streets of Paris and other cities and towns is dangerous for adults and children. The French military cannot effectively guard Jewish institutions, whether schools, community centres, or synagogues. Jews are favoured targets of Muslims of Arab, North African, and African background. *clicking Amazon link now*

      • David Murrell

        This was the point I was making. The Jews emigrating from Hitler’s Europe survived, and helped win the war.
        The argument can be made supporting both sides. The JDL in Toronto give militant voice against rising Islamic anti-Semitism their left-wing, non-Muslim allies. If I lived I Toronto, I would attend their demonstrations. But Jews have to survive, and this may mean emigrating.

        Perhaps their is a “tipping point”, where things get so bad, then Jews must leave. Perhaps Europe has hit that tipping point, much like what happened when Hitler came to power. Perhaps this is what the French rabbi is saying.

        • Mohamsandwich

          Thanks for clarifying. I agree with all you have written above, and at the same time sadly feel the “tipping point” has been reached in France and Belgium for openly visible Jews and, to a growing degree, even Roman Catholics and other Christians, although most definitely nowhere close to the level of danger facing Jews.

          Yes: Jews must survive, and emigration may be the only approach.

        • Mohamsandwich


          May 3rd news from France. You of course remember the Halimi abduction and torture, right? Following the Hebdo and kosher grocery massacres, the Halimi grave is desecrated.

          • That’s so multicultural.

          • Mohamsandwich

            Multiculturalism, coming to a once free and safe society near you!

            Maybe I should call it Mufticulturalism in honour of the Grand Mufti buddy of Hitler?

      • Una Salus

        No, you completely missed the point of what he was saying.

        The French won’t defend the Jews ultimately because they refuse to defend themselves.
        It’s not a matter of the practical difficulties of doing it which are already immense. That speaks volumes about what the situation already is in France.
        It’s not that insurance companies are obligated to take the risk of covering Jewish schools. It’s that the proposition is already too risky.

        That tells you what the real situation is whereas you seem to be interested in where the blame gets allocated.

        It’s too late for France. France is finished. It’s a washed up prostitute with a shaky financial situation.

    • I agree with Mr Unger – that running away from Europe would simply constitute giving Europe to the Moslems. If you give Europe to the Moslems, then you will be giving them Canada, Australia, the US, next. If you go straight to Israel, you will not be safe for long – eventually Israel would be surrounded by Islamic Europe and Islamic North America etc. and would no longer be very safe.

      No – every Jew must stand his ground at this time in History and save the West from the Moslems. It is the Moslems that must be made to escape back to their hell holes. They can practice their death cult there.

      • Mohamsandwich

        Wishful thinking. I have lots of French Jewish and French Roman Catholic family in France. Europe/Eurabia, or most certainly France, has in effect already been given to the Muslim scum. Beyond a doubt, France has been permanently and substantially altered by the disastrous demographic changes in recentland previous decades.

        I respect your opinion but must disagree with you on this.

        • The story is far from over – there is still time to put things right.

          • Mohamsandwich

            I certainly hope you’re right, but I suspect it will get considerably worse before it gets better, if the latter ever happens. We shall both see. 🙂

          • The longer we (our governments) hee and haw, the more difficult will the job get. But where there is will there’s a way, even late in the day. If a fighter goes into the ring reluctant to fight, he has already lost half the battle and probably stands to lose all of it.

      • Mohamsandwich

        What do you say about the increasingly fearful Belgian Jewish community? Insurance companies won’t touch Jewish schools and the rates are sky high for Jewish institutions now. Pathetic. Leave Eurabia now!

        • I have relatives both in France and in Belgium and elsewhere too. It is foolish to be defeatist. The Moslems are just stupid barbarians, they can be beaten back if there is a will. Their strength consists only of our weaknesses – they have no power other than that which we give them. Do not give them one inch of ground.

          • Mohamsandwich

            I agree on principle but, to put it in plain street English, it’s bloody fucking exhausting for young families just wanting to live their lives safely and relatively normally. Not all French and Belgian Jews and others will be so ‘heroic’, for lack of a better word.

          • There is no hope for safety anywhere until the Islamic menace of the 21st cent. is crushed. It is not an issue of heroism or posturing – it is a struggle for survival in the face of an evil enemy. Yielding ground will not stop it – only crushing it will stop it. It is like Nazism – it was only stopped by being crushed.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    One of my business clients recently returned from visiting his family in Israel. He told me he heard much French being spoken there.

    • Many French Jews have made aliyah or are planning to do so.

  • Maxsteele

    Passionate, logical and correct discussion on this topic. Many have been asking this question for over a decade or more…where is the peaceful muslim majority?

    • Mohamsandwich

      I saw some peaceful Muslims walking their pink unicorns in the park the other day.

      • Maxsteele

        Accompanied by their 3 wives covered in a full Burqa sporting the latest clitorectomy I am sure.

    • Minicapt

      A dead Mohammedan is generally the most peaceful Mohammedan. At present, they can be assumed to be the sought-after majority.



  • Unfortunately, this rabbi, who accuses France of denial, is himself guilty of another denial – since he says there is nothing wrong with Islam or Allah or Mohammed per se. He has not understood apparently – or maybe just dared say out loud – that the jihadists are the Moslems most representative of Islam. So-called moderate Moslems are simply Moslems who do not know Islam fully or have not entirely bought it yet – i.e. they are not fully Islamic.

    • Mohamsandwich

      Excellent points. I fully agree.

  • simus1

    C’ est vrai. Tout est vrai.
    Au royaume des aveugles, les borgnes sont rois.
    “La France, je te quitte demain.”

    • Mohamsandwich

      France is indeed the Kingdom of the Blind.