ISIS Militants Curbstomp 2 Criminals to Death With Concrete Blocks, Execute 2 for Sorcery

The Islamic State has come up with another heinous and barbaric mode of execution, as the group released photos this week showing two criminals in Iraq being executed by having their heads bashed between a forcefully thrown concrete block and a street curb.

Earlier this week, ISIS militants released a series of photos on social media that were shared among the group’s sympathizers that purported to show the group carrying out the execution of two men accused of robbing and killing three women in the Nineveh province of northern Iraq, the Daily Mail reported.

Although the most common types of executions carried out by the Islamic State are beheadings, stonings or gunfire, the two accused murderers were instead publicly executed by having their heads forced over a street curb while a militant lifted a heavy concrete block above his head and slamed it down, essentially curb stomping the criminals to death as a crowd looks on in amusement.

Additionally, the Daily Mail report explains that the murder is consistent with the Sharia principle Qisas, which means an “eye for an eye” or revenge killing…