HuffPo Gay Editor Calls for ‘Intolerance’ Toward ‘Antigay’ Media

The media is not pro-gay enough. In fact, according to Michealangelo Signorile, the media is explicitly anti-gay. It’s hard to argue with crazy.

The editor of Huffington Post’s Gay Voices, Signorile, is calling for the media to be intolerant “of all forms” of “bigotry against LGBT people.” And by bigotry, he means anything less than celebration.

In Signorile’s new book, It’s Not Over: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia and Winning True Equality he whines that the media is not gay-friendly in the least. Indeed, he claims, “a higher level of vocal hate appears to be tolerated of all pundits when it’s directed at gays.”

His reasoning? Well, from time to time conservative and Christian pundits are given air time on the major networks. That’s right, Signorile protests at the very notion that someone who disagrees with his lifestyle is allowed to speak in public…

  • Martin B

    “Winning True Equality” meaning of course Gay Supremacy.

    It’s a toss-up whether the Queermacht or the Muzz are more blatant liars.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Gay Taqiyya is real!

      Just look at all the lies told about same sex marriage.

      • Gary

        Liberals insisted that it would never be allowed for 3 or more People to want the status of marriage. But one day muslims will demand their rights to have 4 wives.

      • winniec

        Monsieur, The WORST lie they tell is that Muslims are as much victims as the LGBT group.
        They defend Islam as ISIS tosses gay men from apartment buildings and smashes them with cement blocks.

    • Gary

      These are the GayStapo thugs that get CEO’s fired and shut down the non-conforming businesses like a Bakery and Pizza parlour.
      One day , when science and computer power can ID the DNA strand for sexual preferences……….we will see the current Gender-cide abortions to female babies in the Homo-cide abortions to lesbian babies and gay males too.
      This silent genocide to stop gays from being born will be supported by NOW and GLADD that marched in the streets for the Pro-Choice stance to have abortions for any reason that can not be made public by the doctor.

  • Gary

    Meanwhile ISIS tosses another queer of a building to his death.

  • The Nazi Fags are playing with fire – they managed to get rights (mostly through extortion) in the developed West, but the rest of the world is far from accepting them in any form. Now they (a mere 2% of the population) are trying to impose supremacy in the West; it’s just a matter of time before the situation explodes.

  • winniec

    Signorile wrote: “a higher level of vocal hate appears to be tolerated of all pundits when it’s directed at gays.”

    I agree if we can make a few small changes…

    -“a higher level of vocal AND LETHAL hate appears to be tolerated of all MUSLIMS when it’s directed at gays.”

    And where is the LGBT rage about ISIS? Or draconian Sharia law?

  • The_Infidel_01

    The alphabet soup groups are completely free to do as they please, so long as it is with consenting adults. What the alphabet soup group is not free from, is the consequences of said actions. Christians are basing (or should be) their lives to prepare to meet and live with God, so if the alphabet soup group do not want to live with God, great, more time for me, I surely will not miss them, nor will their actions be brought to my mind in the future.

  • Minicapt

    Signorile: “If I do not feel abused enough, I cry a lot.”


  • The tyranny of the homosexually inclined state. This is until they get the Islamic state going.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I feel I have not been trigger warned by that article. I demand therapy, a boycott and reparations.