Has Immigration Caused the Income Gaps Since 1774?

Over the past 240 years, the gap between the incomes of the rich and working poor has risen and fallen in sync with a 40-year trailing average of immigration. This, and the laws of economics, strongly indicate that immigration causes most of the income gap.

Since the early 1970s, real wages of low-skilled workers have fallen. They would be double current levels if they had kept up with the historic trend rate of worker productivity. Meanwhile, the real incomes of the 1% of Americans with the highest income have risen at double that trend rate since 1979.

The ratio of this rich income to the low-skilled wage has quadrupled since 1972. That is a recipe for rebellion.

Canada’s political class have masterfully combined a toxic stew of Mass Immigration a Temporary Foreign Workers Program and Official Multiculturalism in a divide and conquer attack on it’s fellow citizens.

Mass immigration was never about ensuring your prosperity, it was always about ensuring their prosperity.

They were so sure they’d never be called on it they grew careless and permitted mass Muslim immigration.  A problem even they can’t escape.

A problem that is literally costing Canadian’s Billions, not to mention the damage done to our society by the erosion of civil liberties designed to both accommodate Islam and contain what our elites consider an acceptable level of Muslim violence.

By the way,  you’re a racist for objecting to the official narrative.