Captain Kirk’s Yeoman Rand actress dies aged 85

Grace Lee Whitney, famous for playing Captain Kirk’s assistant in the original ‘Star Trek’ series, has died aged 85.

Her son Jonathan Dweck said she died of natural causes Friday in Coarsegold, California, about 50 miles north of Fresno.

Whitney played Yeoman Janice Rand in the first eight episodes before being written out of the series.



  • (sigh)

    Soon the original cast will be all gone.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    My my.
    Can you imagine having those legs wrapped around your finger?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Bet she was taller than Shatner.

  • eMan14

    Only in 8 episodes? She left a hell of an impression. May she forever live on in the Star Trek universe.

  • David Murrell

    I think she also had a small bit part in the first ST move “Start Trek: the Motion Picture”. She was the transporter operator when the transporter failed, and that Vulcan science officer went into disintegration, near the beginning of the movie. Captain Kirk had to calm her down, saying “it wasn’t your fault”.

    • John

      She had parts in about four Star Trek movies. She also had a career before the series. I know she was in the movie ‘Erma La Douce’ starring Shirley McClain. She was in other stuff as well statring the in the early to mid fifties. I’m surprised she was born in 1930…she looked like she was in her late 20s when she did Star Trek, but she was already about 37.

  • G

    60’s TV had some ultra hot women.