Americans overwhelmingly support Muhammad cartoonists’ right to offend #Garlandshooting

“Combining an offensive religious stereotype accurate depiction of Islam with a vigorous defense of the First Amendment’s right to freedom of expression, Fawstin’s cartoon neatly sums up what’s at stake in debates over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that have flared up periodically over the past ten years.

Following incidents like the Garland shooting, Americans tend to come down overwhelmingly in favor of free expression. For instance, a January Pew Research Center survey found that among Americans who had heard about the Charlie Hebdo attacks, 60 percent said it was okay for the magazine to publish the cartoons, compared to only 28 percent of confirmed assholes who said it wasn’t okay.”

Note the pic above was drawn by Muslims who felt the original Jyllands-Posten Motoon’s weren’t offensive enough to stoke Mohammedan rage.