Al Qaeda Branch Claims Responsibility for Bangladeshi Blogger’s Killing

The leader of al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), Asim Umar, has claimed responsibility for the murders of six people who were supposedly “blasphemers,” including Avijit Roy, a prominent atheist blogger. Roy, an American, was murdered in Bangladesh in February when his attackers assaulted him with machetes.

Umar’s statement came in a video that was produced by al Qaeda’s propaganda arm, As Sahab. The SITE Intelligence Group first obtained the video, which was released in several languages and includes English subtitles.

In addition to Roy, AQIS claims that its jihadists were responsible for killing Rajib Haider (a blogger murdered in February 2013), Muhammad Shakil Auj (who was the dean of Islamic Studies at the University of Karachi when he was shot in September 2014), Shafiul Islam (a professor at Rajshahi University who was killed in September 2014), Aniqa Naz (a Pakistani blogger), and Washiqur Rahman (a blogger who was killed in March).

Several of the slayings were committed in a barbaric manner similar to the murder of Avijit Roy, with the victims being hacked to death with machetes or knives…

This is where Islam goes if you don’t stand up to it.