University of Sydney Staff Thinks Antisemitism Has a Place on Campus

University of Sydney staff argued that supporters of the Islamic State be given a platform to “express” antisemitism, reported on Friday.

“I would say yes, we should ‘allow’ [individuals] to express their anti-Semitism — within bounds, of course,” wrote Philosophy Department lecturer Yarran Dylan Khang Hominh in an email chain among arts staff discussing freedom of speech.

His assertion was part of a larger debate over free speech on campus, after staff and student members of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions group faced disciplinary measures for disrupting a speech by retired British Army officer Richard Kemp…

h/t Cherson & Molschsky (from their new daily round-up of Jewish and Israeli news)

  • Xavier

    Intolerance masquerading as tolerance. Does no one have the guts to call them out on this?

    • Frau Katze

      Not many.

  • Rosenmops

    Well then people should also be able to express anti Muslim views. Maybe it’s time everyone starts to say what they are thinking.

  • Gettingby

    From the beginning God laid out His plan for the restoration of the human race. Central to that plan was a Messiah from the line of King David. A Messiah who in the end times returns to battle the Anti-Christ an agent of Satan, the original liar and deceiver partially responsible for mans downfall. After the Anti-Christ is destroyed Satan is imprisoned and Christ rules all mankind from Jerusalem home to the restored and elevated Jewish race. This is the central theme of the Bible repeated by every prophet and Biblical writer. From the beginning Jews have been attacked because they are the conduit through which God has worked to achieve this goal. That is as it must be as God is drawing His enemies toward Jerusalem, concentrating them for annihilation, for the simple reason repeated hundreds of times in scripture…”You have abused and mistreated My people says the Lord and I will have vengeance”
    Nothing anyone or any nation does will stop the army of the Anti-Christ from forming, all named entities of this end time army are Islamic. What remains to be seen is which faction will create and be the real power of the restored Caliphate, Sunni or Shia.. Prophecy seems to show Iran running amok for a time, unhindered by the world, until a leader from the region of Turkey arises and puts him down and forms the Anti-Christ coalition of countries which then conquer Israel and keep it subjected for forty two months. Then Christ acts.
    Mass refugee immigration into western democracies seems to fulfill three purposes. One…decent people are fleeing the end time killing zone, two…evil people meant to infiltrate, destabilize and render all nations impotent so they won’t interfere in the rise and empowerment of the Anti-Christ and his forces perhaps they will even aid it, three to isolate Israel and allow the Anti-Christ to conquer it.
    The hatred aimed at the Jews and Christians will only intensify as the end draws near, there is no way to end it on a national level, it is meant to be.

  • Brett_McS

    The ’70s (when I was there) were worse, with all the ‘student’ ‘activism’ rubbish (except in Engineering and Science). Then it settled down quite a bit and I noted on occasional return visits that the students were pretty much all well-dressed and sober (except in Engineering and Science). But there is always a hard core of rabble to go after the headlines.