The Rising Cost Of Islam: Stephen Harper visits Kuwait, talks to troops fighting ISIS

Stephen Harper capped a whirlwind tour of Canada’s combat operations with a speech to the aircrews and maintainers carrying out the bombing campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

ISIS is waging “a war of enslavement and extermination” in Iraq and Syria against “anyone who is different than they are,” Harper told the troops at Camp Patrice Vincent on Sunday.

“That’s why, as the national anthem says, you stand on guard, alongside a wide coalition of the international community, to comfort and defend the innocents in this part of the world and to make sure this threat does not despoil our home and native land,” he said.


Talk about your despoiling…

If you stood on guard for Canada you would never have permitted Mass Immigration by adherents of the Islamic cult, you know those folks that are causing us to run up a massive domestic security bill, to compromise our civil liberties, not to mention the cost of your latest Mid East adventure which is now north of a billion and counting.