The Great American Traveling Riot Circus

To entertain the citizens of Rome, circular arenas – circuses — were built to house staged events of various sorts, including the slaughter of Christians. After Rome fell, itinerant performers took their shows on the road offering somewhat less grand, but still popular, entertainments.

In the United States for the past few years the traveling inner city riots seem to be playing the same role with their own stock characters.

  • Stock Characters need to be on the play bill.

  • andycanuck

    Pretty good analysis.

    Also, it will be very revealing when the autopsy results are released.

  • David Murrell

    Good posted essay. From the essay:

    “As for the press, online I read daily of young black men brutally assaulting whites who cross their path. Like this.

    You don’t find these stories in the New York Times or the Washington Post as a rule. These stories suggest to me that the false narrative of hostile whites attacking innocent blacks is distorting the selective news that reaches the ill-informed, badly educated, and largely uncivilized ghetto dwelling thugs, enraging them into such behavior which the media have justified by such lies.”

    Example: Yesterday, if one channel surfed onto CNN News at 7 pm Eastern, one would have seen one black CNN host speaking to the black CNN newsperson coordinating stories in Baltimore, who spoke to a black CNN reporter on the scene, who was interviewing this or that black activist railing against the cops. CNN is part of the media lobbying to support armed black street gangs.