The accusation of “Islamophobia” is designed to shut down discussion, debate and criticism of everything Islamic

Recently I read an article (“Levelling the playing field for Muslim girls”) in my local newspaper about a “progressive” idea within a high school that the board of education raise funds for Muslim girls to participate in sports events by paying for special “sports hijabs.” On the surface, it sounds like a fair-minded, inexpensive idea to facilitate inclusion and participation in sports. However, in reality, it is a huge step towards sharia law. It would sanction the political symbols of Islam. It would comply with Islamic family and community pressure on girls to wear an article of clothing that is neither mandatory nor necessary for their faith — and is certainly not required attire by religious duty to play sports.

  • picko

    It’s about introducing Sharia as a normal part of western society. It’s the santatised version which will eventually turn into the very conservative form

  • Barrington Minge

    Just ban the bloody thing…

    • Xavier

      When the fall of Western Civilization is almost complete, a few will see the danger and attempt to ban Islam, but they will be slaughtered by converts and dhimmis.

  • Xavier

    Beyond just Islam, nearly every institution that made western civilization great is under attack by intolerance disguised as an attack on intolerance. Schools have zero tolerance policies that won’t tolerate children whose parents pack their lunches. Militant gheys won’t tolerate Christians. And of course, Islam won’t tolerate anything beyond the tenets of Islam.

    The outbreak of free thought that triggered the Renaissance and birthed modern political philosophy is their target. The physical manifestation of the attack is evident in the violence we discuss daily; the larger and more important battle is one to control your thoughts and perceived freedom of action. By not fighting back, by tolerating intolerance, we’re being stripped of our rights an inch at a time.

  • mauser 98

    same as Wynne/Levin agenda
    1% leading the rest

  • Editor

    Never mind the fact this is a perfect example of creeping sharia, parents of young kids who want to play minor league hockey foot the bill themselves. Why should it be any different for these girls. Unless the point is not to play soccer at all but to force us kuffar into acceptance and submission.