‘Human rights activist’ – wife of Maher Arar – to speak in Kamloops, BC

KAMLOOPS – Human rights activist Dr. Monia Mazigh will be speaking about Muslim woman at Thompson River University later this month.

Mazigh was thrust into the spotlight when she was forced to fight for the release of her husband Maher Arar from a Syrian prison. Arar was detained by the United States when returning back to Canada from a holiday in Tunis. Suspected of being a member of al-Qaeda, the United States sent him to Syria where he was jailed and tortured for over a year.

In the fight to restore her husband’s reputation Mazigh sought reparations. In 2007, after a lengthy inquiry, the Canadian government issued Arar and his family an apology and offered financial compensation.

Mazigh is an author, human rights activist and Tunisian immigrant who came in 1991. She authored a memoir of her ordeal entitled Hope and Despair. Mazigh currently lives in Ottawa with her husband and two children…