Elder of Ziyon: “Rabbis issue ruling allowing Jews to raise pigs to destroy Arab crops” – Arab media

Last week, for the umpteenth time, Palestinian Arabs repeated the ludicrous claim that Jewish settlers are releasing wild pigs – from trucks – in order to destroy Arab crops.

It is difficult to raise wild boars, but all those hard years of effort are worth it when you release them that one time, hoping that they’ll eat some Arab grain and terrorize some Arab kids!

In addition, Algerian newspaper Akhbar El Youm says that rabbis in Israel issued a ruling that Jews are allowed to raise wild pigs in order to be able to deliberately release them to damage Palestinian Arab crops…

  • Dana Garcia

    Pal-Arabs should forget immigrating to Texas in that case. Feral hogs are a big problem tearing up the place.

  • simus1

    Even the most ignorant palestinian in gaza knows full well that all wild pigs in Israel are under Mossad control and are only allowed to damage arab crops as cover when planting the new generation of surveillance devices.

  • WalterBannon

    That’s just ignorant.

    Everybody knows that Arabs are too stupid to grow crops.

  • just a thought

    No lie too big for them to shamelessly tell, even when it’s obviously untrue.

  • Maggat

    If one stops and thinks about this idiotic claim one soon realizes that it’s not all that bad an idea.

  • Frances

    The Gadarene swine strike again!!