Boris Johnson Does The Full Grovelling Dhimmi Routine…

London Mayor, wife wish to visit ‘amazing’ Pakistan

“British Pakistanis are the wheels of our economy’s engine like so many other nationalities who work hard day and night to drive our country forward. There is a huge potential of trade between Pakistan and London and we need to focus on that and I am quite willing to do everything I can on that front. Pakistan is an amazing country with amazing people.”

Johnson went on to say that Pakistanis should vote for the Conservative party because they share the same values and believe in the same principles. He added that the upcoming elections were important because Britain was passing through a critical phase and needed continuity.

He insisted that alternative words need to be found to describe extremists such as the IS who claim to act in the name of Islam.

He further said his own great-grandfather was a Muslim and he believed that Islam means peace to others. He said that characterisation of all Muslims as extremists and calling terrorist groups names such as ‘Islamic State’ was unacceptable and the whole narrative needs to be changed.

The mayor suggested labelling the extremists as criminals, bandits or mafia without the word ‘Islam’ or ‘Islamic’ attached to them.

Johnson said that Islamophobia posed a serious problem to cohesion and multiculturalism in Britain and it was important that all parties and organisations unite to defeat this menace.


I used to like this guy… not so much now.

h/t Dr. J

  • Martin B

    “The mayor suggested labelling the extremists as criminals, bandits or mafia”

    Just like Mohammed and his band of followers! Wait a minute…

  • WalterBannon

    Boris Johnson, muslim scumbag.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    “…Pakistan is an amazing country with amazing people.” It certainly is an eye-opening experience. eek.

    • liamjq

      it’d be the brass eye of boris of the flowing blond locks

  • canminuteman

    So many people want to emigrate to Pakistan, because it’s such a great place. Boris, you’re an idiot and you throw like a girl.

  • DMB

    But Pakistan is such a “progressive” nation!

  • ed

    2013-2014 prison population report to the ministry of justice ,8 buddists , 22 jews , 688 combined Sikh/hindu 14,342 muslims ! 65% of male muslims on welfare , 92% of female muslims on welfare .get your facts right boris

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There is something about being elected mayor of London that brings out the flakiness of the politicians.

    • liamjq

      you’ve got things totally the wrong way round…or a*se over t*t as they used to humorously say in London before it became a third world s*ithole

  • Mohamsandwich

    “Amazing” Pakistan? Go live there, you fucking dhimmi asshole mayor of Londonistan!

  • Una Salus

    Londonistan, Pakistan same difference.