Bakers Facing $135K Fine Over Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple Speak Out

It was the first time seeing her bakery since the new owners moved in.

“This is really hard,” Melissa Klein said, tears filling up her eyes.

Almost two years ago, Melissa and her husband, Aaron, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, had to close the bakery they built from scratch after declining to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.

“I did all the flooring in here—this was a collection agency before we moved the bakery in,” Aaron said, peering through the glass window.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This is a real interesting comment from that story:

    “Looks like perhaps all Christians should open their businesses as ministries! We can make them tax deductible, post the Ten Commandments, talk scripture at work, have a Bible on display, and even post a sign “Prayer welcomed here”. It’s time to be more pro-active.”

    I like that idea. You know the laws (at least in the U.S.) are all loosely goosey about who can call themselves a church, so why not?
    Define your business as a church and then declare your activities “works in support of the parish” like the nuns and monks that make handicrafts and other items, or the Amish who built furniture.

    I think that’s a great idea!

    • Minicapt
    • Glenfilthie

      I do too. And, it is precisely the angle of attack required to battle “Big Gay” as BCF calls it. The church has fallen. The queers have won. If you challenge queers directly, they will destroy you with an army of social justice zealots and their corrupt lickspittles in the govt and media. Morality and ethics no longer hold.

      Take the battle underground. Defiance can take many forms that the gays can’t possibly deal with. Late deliveries. Shoddy service. Clerical/admin errors. Make them pay through the nose for their victory – in their place I would have baked the worst cake of my career, watched the customers choke on it…and publicly donated any profit from it to some church run charity. I wouldn’t have given the queers the finger- I would have flipped the bird at their idiotic enablers.

      A vindictive homosexual daughter destroyed my family; I know how those degenerates think and fight. They can be beaten but it will take the wit and guile.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I agree! The time for a stand is maybe not right.
        If the homos want a cake, they pay in advance, and they get what they get and if they don’t like it, then too bad!
        Make sure they never have a positive experience at your expense.

        Sorry about your lesbian daughter.
        I have discovered that inside every lesbian is a pathological man-hater with severe emotional issues. You can never fix them, help them, or interact with them in any way.
        I have found no exceptions to that rule, and I avoid them like the plague.

        • mauser 98

          force some one to bake for you and then eat it?

          • G

            I love this. I’m totally stealing it 😀

        • lolwut?

          There are plenty, you just don’t see them because they’re not dressed like teenage boys with sleeve tattoos, 50lbs of steel imbedded in their faces screaming at protests or wearing strap-ons with the girlfriends on leashes at pride parades.

          They just go to work and live their lives like anyone else.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I have discovered, throuh gay family members, that many lesbians have chosen to ape Kathleen Wynne. We were at a wedding reception for a lesbian niece last year, and 50% of the lesbians in attendance rather looked like Kathleen Wynne. Many of us cisgendered Hetero dudes noticed it right away and talked about it in low voices. None of us had seen so many shoulder pads since we’d last watched DYNASTY in the 1980s. How do they all manage to get horse teeth? Many gays wondered. And what’s with the short, helmet-headed hair-dos? And all those aggressive solid colours! When did looking like you work in a bank HQ constitute “evening attire” for a wedding reception? My wife remarked that many lesbians in attendance seemed incapable of laughter but we’re extremely adroit at BRAYING like angry horses. It was an awful experience. the cherry on top was our neice – one of the ‘brides’ – wearing a tiny little tuxedo complete with bow tie and lapel green carnation. I wanted to vomit. So many stereotypes being not just fulfilled but OVERBLOWN and all within a few hours’ time. Leave it to lesbians, as my wife remarked, to confirm everyone’s worst suspicions.

          • Glenfilthie

            That is what a lot of people like to think. That gays are just nice people that want to be left alone and live their lives like everyone else. Some of the commenters here want to belive it with all their hearts and will go to great lengths to mentally sanitize homosexuality and the degenerates that engage in it. Even though my own daughter is gay I won’t do it.
            Ask yourselves this: if gays are so damned normal – where are the queers speaking out against the lewd parades? Where are the queers demanding the right of free speech for the church? Where are the gays to oppose the financial and social lunacy of Ontario’s idiotic premiere? Where are the gays admonishing the howler monkeys that destroyed this business? Where are the gays demanding to know what queers actually got out of all this?
            Gays are (in addition to being sexually disturbed) – socialists and fascists by nature. When my gay daughter tried to force me into the closet she had lived in I simply refused. Half the family sided with her, the other half with me and our previously solid family went ‘poof!’ – and was gone like it never existed. Rest assured – unless you bow down to them they WILL try and hurt you for it even if it means hurting themselves.
            My daughter is living the warm, fuzzy liberal rainbow dream and I intend to see she lives it good and hard. Being stupid SHOULD be painful,

        • Justin St.Denis

          Yeah, that IS weird about lesbians, isn’t it? We have a few gay friends; some are couples who have been together for decades. But they are all men. Yet we have never consciously decided to exclude “gay women” from our social lives. We did, along with several neighbours, take issue with a lesbian couple who bought a home nearby and threw parties every weekend. It was pretty obvious that these parties featured lots of drugs and alcohol because the police were frequently in front of their house breaking up cat fights. They finally moved. We held a block party afterwards. 😉

        • DD_Austin

          It is a physical mental illness, like blindness, deafness, retardation or other birth defects, only this one is directly
          in the brain.

          Nowadays the pervs in power want everyone to consider
          homosexual as “normal”, well it isn’t, never has been, never
          will be.

      • I like the free enterprise approach. Money.

        Yes, I do wedding cakes for gay couples. But my price is $6,765.24 for the cake. I charge the same price for all gay cakes.

        Why so much you ask? Because there are more costs associated with gay wedding cakes. What could those costs be? Easy. There is a mental health stress charge. Someone has to pay for mental health costs associated with forcing me to do something against my wishes. And as with all business transactions, the buyer pays all the associated costs.

  • Liberal Nazism + Gay agenda is a deadly mix.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      What’s the difference?

  • Xavier

    Why can’t deviates be forced to tolerate Christians?

    That’s one of those rhetorical questions like in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – I know that won’t happen.

  • irishrus

    heard gofundme dropped them and won’t let Baltimore cops have an account. Time for a Christian gofundme that isn’t pc

  • mauser 98

    not muslim bakeries. no fines for their refusals

  • mauser 98

    NBC had” Peacock Paddock “segment during Kentucky Derby yesterday
    with these two…..almost dropped my Stella Artois

    • Justin St.Denis

      I almost lost my lunch!

  • Observer

    It’s the way of the Marxists/Communists.

    They would rather steal from those who create and build, than do work themselves.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Find a gay owned bakery and demand they make a cake commemorating the extermination of gays.

  • G

    I notice that nowhere in the article is the judge named. Until the fight is taken directly AGAINST the judges and lawyers involved we will continue to see this garbage.

  • Another success story for the bullies!