Social Justice Warriors Are Addicted to Hate. So When Will it Kill?

It’s a perverse modern truism that Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are only truly happy when they’re unhappy – and, should sweet misery elude them, they pathologically hunt it down.

You see it everywhere and every day. Never, in the field of human endeavor, has so much energy been wasted by so many, on so little.

  • Justin St.Denis

    OMG! What a satisfying read that was! Nice to see the SJWs hoist with their own petard. And Martin Dauney, the writer, makes a strong point. The likelihood of these arseholes resorting to murder in the near future is not farfetched I the least. Just a matter of time…

    • The left love violence, that explains their alliance with Islam.

    • UCSPanther

      If they want to play that way, they will lose.

  • G

    I loathe both parties. The SJWs and the advertisers.

    The SJWs are just a bunch of shill harpies who are pissed about everything. But the advertisers are assholes too. It *does* get tiresome to walk by the magazine rack and see row after row of airbrushed snotty spoiled, airhead supermodels with smirks that say “I’m better than you.”

    SJWs – advertisers, fight it out. The more damage you do to each other the more everybody else wins.

    • G

      Should say “SHRILL harpies”.

    • Petey

      They may be that but I still like looking at them. The models I mean. The SJW’s? Not so much.

  • kkruger71

    Yeah, this derangement syndrome, burning buildings, shitting on cop cars, looting, general rioting, throwing bricks at police…wait, aren’t they always saying it’s The Right that are angry, unhappy people?

    • Frau Katze

      That’s what we keep hearing.

  • pop

    It’s always the fat ones who hate the colour yellow.

  • ntt1

    Its a toss up as to whether I will get my beach body perfected or work on my beer body, the latter seems more appealing and ,frankly, do-able

  • lolwut?

    SJW’s are lazy and cowardly, I’m sure they’ll stick to weaponizing minorities, particularly blacks and Muslims.

    It’s “Rules for Radicals” 101

    If you pay any real attention to their protests, you’ll see most are segregated
    and that’s for a reason, they know their human missiles with turn on them in a NY minute.

  • tom_billesley

    Their allies are beach body ready.

  • Mohamsandwich

    I would read the article if: (1) I could stop staring at the photo; (2) wasn’t heading out for brunch with my wife’s friends now! *happy Sunday all*

  • Hard Little Machine

    These are the same people screaming that the government needs to address their lifelong bad habits that have lead to them being 250lbs and diabetic. If obese and sick is the new normal, then by god embrace it.