Seattle Youth Organize Islamophobia Awareness Day To Lie about Islam

The sun was peeking through the clouds on Saturday, April 25 at Victor Steinbreuck Park in downtown Seattle, where a crowd gathered to celebrate the first ever Islamophobia Awareness Day.

The event was created by a group of Muslim girls from Rainier Beach High School.

They were motivated by what they see as misconceptions surrounding their religion and especially the way Muslims are portrayed in the media. That’s why they opened up a safe space to talk about Islam, and answer questions from the public.

Nafiso Egal, a freshman at the University of Washington, learned about the event through Facebook and decided to show up to support her Muslim sisters.

“The people that you see on the news that are extreme — that’s not really a part of Islam,” Egal said. “Islam teaches you to be a good person. Islam is peaceful”…