Ooops…. Moscow WW II Victory Day Billboard Featuring Luftwaffe Pilots Taken Down

A local politician apologized to the citizens of Ivanteyevka after a banner was erected in their Moscow region town that — though meant to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in World War II — featured Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe pilots next to the slogan “They fought for the Motherland.”


It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened. A few years back a Russian social services agency “copied” the artwork of a Nazi propaganda poster.

Russian - German propaganda poster

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The slogan should be, “They fought for the Fatherland.”

    • winniec

      Rodina – Russian – Родина: “motherland”

    • They is mixed up;)

      • Surele Surele

        not too much. after all their ideologies are a mirror image of each other.

  • Nan

    If you like your propaganda, you can keep your propaganda.

  • ontario john

    Well, I guess its true to a point considering Hitler and communist Russia were allies dividing up Poland. They probably would have remained allies if Hitler hadn’t betrayed them. No honour among evil regimes.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Russia is a crazy place. You know they sell yak bile tablets?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Someone has been touting yak meat as being healthier than beef cattle, since these high altitude animals have omega 3 within.

      • Uncle_Waspy

        Omega 3 is for bearded hipsters and soccer moms! Omega 17 is where it’s at….and it can only be found in raw shark meat.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          That was funny.
          You were making a joke, right?
          If so, well done!
          Every few years there seems to be some more and more esoteric substances that are even more difficult to obtain being touted at the next panacea.

          • Uncle_Waspy

            No, no joke, Drunk. Yak bile is the new thing.

            Apparently, all the body’s impurities are drawn to the yak bile tablet. The benefits of yak bile has been established by extensive scientific study……and I can’t provide a link because Big Gay Pharmaceutical wipes out everything on the internet.

            If you need a case, I can help you out. I know a guy who sells them out of the back of his Dodge Caravan in the Oshawa Wal-Mart parking lot between 2am-5am.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Actually I was laughing at the Omega 17 one.

          • Uncle_Waspy

            Okay……well, the yak bile tablets contain concentrated Omega 17. This is good stuff — you can bench press a 1973 Buick Electra or go all night long.

            1 box = $14.95
            3 boxes = $87.32
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          • Drunk_by_Noon

            A 1973 Buick Electra is no small thing!
            Actually I’m on a clandestine mission to impregnate all the 2015 Victoria’s Secret runway models, although so far I’m not having much success. Maybe that Omega 17 will put me over the top?

          • Uncle_Waspy

            That’s a very laudable goal, Drunk! Goodness knows, there are some premium genes there that need to be propagated. And that’s where the yak bile tablets can help!

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          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I’m a giver!

        • El Martyachi

          I googled Omega 17.

  • ntt1

    Didn’t the Turks use old Beatles cover art to illustrate rebellious yutes just recently? it seems the problem is too many ADHD sufferers have infiltrated the illustrators ranks .Lightening fast posting times plus unlimited plagiarism is a bad combo, time to bust some hands.

  • andycanuck

    What’s “doh!” in Cyrillic letters?

  • Well, it’s not like Russians know their own history, with it being censored, white-washed, embellished or otherwise scrubbed.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      They know their own history, it’s just not the same history the rest of the world knows (or thinks they know).
      I’m pretty sure it’s not an entirely accurate history, but then who’s is?

      When asked difficult questions, they immediately slide into the “you have been brainwashed by Western Propaganda” mode and everything you say after that point is disregarded.
      Maybe it would be like me telling a Canadian a version of Canadian history that does not match anything they have ever learned in school, and is wildly uncomplimentary. Likely you would be pretty resistant to my message of enlightenment.
      I know I hate it when some European f*ckwit spouts off stuff like Thomas Jefferson was some out of control slave rapist psychopathic personality or that Nixon was the second coming of Adolph Hitler.
      I’m sure it gets as old for them as it does us.

      • Except that we are telling the truth.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          I REALLY like to think we are.
          I’m pretty sure FDR wasn’t filling mass graves. Pretty sure.

          One thing they love to point out is the list of American wars compared to the List of Soviet wars which includes two. WWII and Afghanistan. They completely ignore all the proxy wars they started that are on the American list.
          Your average Russian, personally, is a lot more adverse to war than your average American is.
          I didn’t expect that.
          They also have odd thoughts about our Marines. I wouldn’t say they are fearful of them (however if they ever faced them in combat they absolutely would be), but they find them a curious mix of vicious psychopathic killers that happen to be highly disciplined and so can be turned off and on like a light switch, and they are further abhorred by me that I “allowed” (or made) my son to become one.
          Trying to tell them that they have it all wrong is just a waste of everyone’s time.

          • A Russian friend once told me that Russians need a strong leader because the massive population needs a firm hand lest famine or war break out. They fear these things as we fear spiders.

            That doesn’t change the fact that their history is white-washed.

  • john700

    It’s sure that no one would claim copyright.

  • Una Salus

    imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    They copied the intermediate cartridge and the Sturmgewehr 44, too.