Netherlands: Hate Spewing Imam Tours Freely, Kurt Westergaard Appearance At Press Freedom Event Requires Secrecy, Heavy Security

This hate spewing Saudi Imam, Sheikh Adel al-Kalbani, gets to tour the Netherlands without issue. In fact the local Muslim 5th Column vouches for his “Muslimy goodness”

Hate Imam on tour

The controversial imam Sheikh Adel al-Kalbani from Saudi Arabia goes on tour to Groningen, Amsterdam and Utrecht.

On 5 May, Groningen on the planning, writes RTV Noord. The hatred imam is brought to Groningen by the Islamic Center Groningen

Muslim body supports hate sheikh

AMSTERDAM – The Contact Committee Muslims and Government takes it up for the Saudi hate Aaidh Sheik al-Qarni. Aaidh al-Qarni is no hatred imam and would just fight extremism as it sounds.

“Al-Qarni is a world-renowned theologian who emits a sound from within Salafism and contradicts any form of extremism,” explains CMO spokesman Yassin Elforkani far in the NRC Handelsblad.

Sheikh Adel al-Kalbani








Meanwhile an appearance by Kurt Westergaard at a Press Freedom event was kept a secret until the day of the event and took place only under heavy security.

Many security measures around Westergaard

AMSTERDAM – The advent of the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard (80) to the Press Freedom Lecture in Amsterdam accompanied by strict security measures.

Westergaard speaks Saturday at De Balie at the Festival of Free Speech on the occasion of the International Press Freedom Day. The cartoonist was world famous in 2006 by a controversial cartoon in which he depicted the Muslim prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban. Since then, Westergaard was threatened and a foiled attempt on him in 2010, despite ongoing security.
For safety reasons, the arrival of Westergaard was only announced Saturday.

Kurt Westergaard









That’s what multiculturalism is all about…