Mayor John Tory spending $3,500 a month on diversity consultant

TORONTO – Mayor John Tory is spending $3,500 a month from his taxpayer-funded office budget for a consultant to help him with outreach to the city’s diverse cultural communities.

When asked about it on Friday by the Sun, Tory’s spokesman Amanda Galbraith defended the expense for Ruby Latif to work as the mayor’s “director of community outreach” and argued it was “exceptional value” for taxpayers’ dollars.

Two invoices totalling $10,000 plus HST from Latif’s consulting company, Milieu Strategy and Consulting, are contained in Tory’s office budget expenses posted on the city’s website this week as part of council’s routine office budget expense disclosure…

  • Oh yea that’s just what this city needs.

  • Jaedo Drax

    The city has a whole diversity department doesn’t it? Why hire an outside consultant to do “outreach”

  • winniec

    They used to call such a person a ‘multicultural czar’.

  • WalterBannon

    This Tory fucker needs to go. He is David Miller redux.

    any conservative who voted for him should be shunned.

    • Justin St.Denis

      John Tory is recycled mush – revisited. You can’t get more vomit-inducing than that! I always feel like I’m looking in a rear view mirror when I see Jihn Tory. His slogan should have been “Vote for Yesterday’s Man – Tomorrow!”

  • eMan14

    Tory drinks big time from the diversity kook aid. He was involved in many such organizations.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I’ve not seen John Tory in a bit. Does he still favour suits which are too big for him? I could never figure out why Tory a,ways looked like he was melting to me. My wife – ever astute and fashion-aware – filled me in immediately. “He has ‘small man syndrome’ and probably always buys his clothes too big. I have seen this so many times among wealthy men. Maybe his dick is small? Who knows!”

    Some women really “cut to the chase” with brutal honesty. My wife is among same.