Hungary needs legislation to curb immigration, PM Orban says

(Reuters) – Hungary needs legislation to keep out a wave of immigrants from poor countries, even if it would run counter to existing European Union rules, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

Brussels should allow EU member states to set their own rules about migrants, adding that the inflow of immigrants was not good to Europe generally, he told Echo TV in an interview aired late on Friday.

“We don’t want to see immigrants in Hungary,” he said. “If (other EU members) want to receive immigrants, they can do it. But then they should not send them back here, or through us”…

Good luck with that! You are in the EUSSR now.

  • G

    Best of luck – seriously.
    Westerners and Europeans have a right to preserve our culture too and if that means turning away droves of deadbeat, useless unemployables then so be it.

    Just because you managed to drag your useless, khat chewing addicted ass onto some leaky barge and cross the Mediterranean doesn’t mean I have to put up with you. Maybe if you actually HAD a work ethic and some talent your home country wouldn’t be the shit hole it is now.

    • P_F

      Exactly my feelings -and of millions of others like us, who, despite being empowered by their respective constitutions to elect their lawmakers has no say in controlling this influx of invaders which is being perpetrated by those very elected officials.

    • Agreed 100% – they will turn Europe into the same hell-hole as they turned their own countries.

  • tom_billesley

    Hungary has been bountifully handing out passports to people living in territories that are now part of neighbouring non-EU countries but which were part of a “Greater Hungary” prior to WW1 – for example Transcarpathia in Ukraine. The passport holders then have freedom of movement within the EU. Some of the Roma living on the streets of London availed themselves of this generosity. Thanks, Hungary.