Gulf Times (Qatar): Why the world needs Islam today

These are some of the distinct features of Islam, which make it necessary for modern man to seek his salvation through this ideology:

First, it must be well understood that Islam is not a mere ideological vision. It is a practical system of life that fully appreciates all the genuine needs of humankind and tries to realise them.

Second, in trying to meet the genuine requirements of man, Islam effects perfect balance between all areas of life and activity. It starts with the individual maintaining a balance between the requirements of body and soul, reason and spirit and in no case allows one side to dominate the other…

…In the social sphere, it proceeds to achieve equilibrium between the needs of the individual and those of the community. It does not allow an individual to transgress against other individuals, or against the community. Nor does it allow the community to commit transgression against individuals…

…Third, it must always be kept in mind that Islam has an altogether independent existence of its own as a social philosophy and an economic system. Some of its outward manifestations may on the surface appear to resemble those of Capitalism or Socialism, but in fact, it is far from being the one or the other. It retains all the good characteristics of these systems, yet is free from their shortcomings and perversions…

  • winniec

    Why Islam ISN’T the perfect system:
    1 No Golden Rule 2 No free speech 3 No democracy 4 Jihad – holy war of supremacism 5 Honour killings 6 Taqiyya – sacred lying 7 Taqlid – group think 8 Misogyny – repression of women 9 Rape of kafirs as jihad prizes 10 Genocide 11 Ethnic cleansing 12 Al-Walaa wal-Baraa – Islamic apartheid 13 Torture 14 Plundering 15 Cruel and unusual punishments 16 Backwardness – stagnation 17 Violence against women 18 Slavery 19 Discriminatory Sharia law 20 Hatred of the arts 21 Pedophilia disguised as child marriage 22 Fifty generations of cousin marriage and genetic defects 23 Cruelty to animals 24 Extortion tax to humiliate disbelievers 25 No historic basis 26 Anti-intellectual obscurantism 27 FGM 28 Arab racism 29 Theocratic totalitarianism 30 Vigilantism

    • Frau Katze

      It’s just more crap from the Middle East.

      • Crom Cenna

        The author is serious? I thought the steaming pile was a nail in the coffin of the prejudice, muslims don’t get satire

  • winniec

    False statement: “maintaining a balance between the requirements of body and soul, reason and spirit and in no case allows one side to dominate the other…”
    The strong delusion of Islam dominates everything and overthrows reason, compassion and moral goodness.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why? Pol Pot failed. That’s why.

  • Please don0t make me laugh so much!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    No beer? No bacon? F*** iSlam.

  • J. C.

    Just what the world needs… To be run by a bunch of dirty inbred goat f*ckers.

  • Bataviawillem

    10,000 deaths due to alcohol, by sheer coincidence that is about the same number of people that are killed in islamic terror attacks.
    Take your pick.

  • Islam is indeed a miracle! How else can such an utterly worthless and sinister system have such a high opinion of its filthy self?

    Let us all ululate in joy, and shoot into the skies our glorious AK47s, inshallah!!