Gallia Watch: Rewards for returning jihadists

A Sharia court in Raqqa, Syria

Prime Minister Manuel Valls believes in free psychological care for those Frenchmen and women who go to Syria or Iraq, and return “home” to France, Ouest-France, a local paper, reports:

According to the Prime Minister, a re-integration program, on a volunteer basis, for young persons “back from conflict zones” and who are not the object of legal prosecution, should be made available.

“For a year, thanks to our initiatives, almost 1,900 cases have been received; a quarter of them involve minors, and – a fact often forgotten – more than 40% are young women,” declared Valls.

Valls spoke at the International Meeting of Anti-terror Magistrates, held in Paris this week.

“These young individuals who have been detected should be monitored by caseworkers. We should also learn to better detect the warning signs of such ruptures. As part of our plan to fight radicalization, 2,500 functionaries from various ministries throughout all of French territory have already been trained,” he recalled.

Through individualized care, psychological monitoring and increased surveillance, these young persons should get back their full place in our society,” he added, being careful to point out that such a program had been proposed by the Interior Minister.

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  • What a sick farce.

    • Frau Katze

      We need to raise their self-esteem and find them jobs. They’ll be model citizens.

  • Canadian

    The french are getting stupider by the minute.
    It won`t work, and I bet the govt know it very well.
    Calming the masses is the game.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      In communications there is something called the noise floor.
      It’s the level at which a signal is so weak that it is drowned out by the background noise.
      The French hit the noise floor a long time ago.

      • Canadian

        Right. When the noise generated internally by a receiver`s own circuitry is higher than the level of a signal.

  • cmh

    the people of france are filth to allow islamization of their country…pure filth

  • tom_billesley

    Do they have to go “cold turkey” on the rape and head chopping, or will they be weaned off it gradually?