Censorship: the real Islamophobia on campus

After coming under intense scrutiny, Queen’s University Belfast has reneged on its decision to cancel an upcoming conference entitled ‘Understanding Charlie: New Perspectives on Contemporary Citizenship After Charlie Hebdo’. The university called off the conference last week, citing security concerns. The original decision to cancel the conference was met with widespread condemnation, with philosopher Brian Klug, one of the prospective delegates, saying he was ‘baffled’ and ‘dismayed’ by the decision.

  • Mohamsandwich

    Just a randomly targeted conference in another kuffar land for discussing a random taboo subject.

    Will leftist academics attending this so-called conference claim any of the following? :

    (1) Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

    (2) Islam is a religion of peace which does not condone the killing of cartoonists.

    (3) French colonialism in North Africa created this problem in contemporary France.

    (4) Freedom of speech has reasonable limits punishable by the government, and that attacking Mohammed (pbuh) is a grave offence?

  • Petey

    These people just sway with which ever way the wind is blowing.

  • JoKeR
    • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

      the artist even includes a nuclear backpack. Great cartoon.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Academic bosses are more interested in their financial balance sheets than in their mission to educate.

    • OISE Graduat


      I wuz educ8ted fore ate yearz an hav a PhD!

      Awl akedemec bossis kair bout skoolin