Bread from heaven: Dutch survivors thank RAF for World War II drop that saved millions

On 29 April 1945 a frightened, hungry 11-year-old girl huddled with 12 others in an attic in Sloterdijk, a village just outside Amsterdam.

Theodora Tielrooy and her family were on the run from the Gestapo, wanted for hiding Jews at their home in The Hague.

Along with three fugitive Jews, they were lying as low as they could at the family home of Theodora’s aunt – and they were close to starving.

They had already endured the Hongerwinter of 1944-45, when one of Europe’s coldest winters had combined with a Nazi ban on food entering the Netherlands and the scorched earth policy of the retreating German army to produce famine in the heart of Western Europe.

  • Petey

    My father was a young teen during the war. His family had a farm so they managed for food during the war. I remember as a boy him telling me how his father hammered a nail through the hoof of one of their horses so the Germans wouldn’t take it. There were many other stories. It makes me understand just how easy we’ve had it.

  • WalterBannon

    Its a shame we saved them from the Nazis only to see them become the Nazis

  • cmh

    don’t think for one minute that we are happy our canadian boys died to rescued you from hitler only to see you become islamic filth ….never again